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After becoming fed up with bowling scores that ranged from pathetic to mediocre (at best), I finally asked around and found some people willing to offer advice on how to improve my game. I finally decided on one to try and master after witnessing someone bowl a perfect game. With that, and after some practice, my scores started climbing from low and mid 100's to 200's...and lots of 'em!
Since that time, many people have asked me for advice. I decided to make it easier and take some screen shots of the place to stand, the place to aim, when to curve, etc. Please note that this method isn't perfect (and I dare say there is no perfect method) but, using these techniques, I now consistently break 200. As of this page-build (May 28, 2009) my high game is a 269 (Update: My high game is now a 298 - May 4, 2010) and my longest strike streak is 11 in a row. (12 is a perfect game) Study, practice and use this technique and you'll see your games improve a ton! You'll get far more jackpot spins and so many 200+ games that you'll actually feel like a failure when you don't. I do still have games that I'd rather not talk about, but I attribute them to bad timing, Pogo moving the pins around (more on this later) and just pure bad luck. Don't expect to bowl a 300 game immediately....heck, don't even expect it soon...if at all. I've seen some who kick some royal butt bowling and have bowled well over 7000 games and have yet to get a perfect game, but their 200+ game-count is quite high.

I just came within two dang pins of a perfect game

Two Pins Short of Perfect Game

Here we go....For best results, find a room in the Slow Rooms tab with little to no other bowlers in it.
In this first screen shot, note where the left edge of the ball's shadow lines up (Indicated with the red line). In more detailed words, line up the left edge of the ball's shadow with the right edge of the first full board to the right of the 2nd dot from the left. (See how this might be hard to explain without pics??) Read this paragraph and look at the pic below until you understand it, before you move on.
Got the first step down? Okay. Still referencing the screen shot above, note where the cursor is pointed. It is exactly in between the head pin (#1) and the one to its left (#2). The tip of the cursor is at the top edge of the end of the lane. (Where it goes from "blonde" to black) Lastly, note that the aiming line is yellow. This is important. If you release when the line is red, the ball goes too fast and just crashes straight thru the pins with very little other pin-to-pin action. Again, study this paragraph while referencing the screen shot above, before moving on to the next step.

Now for the challenging part. Yes, ya gotta work for this. Now referencing the screen shot below, try and follow along. Waiting until the last possible moment before the ball is going to hit the pins (before the screen goes in for the closeup of the ball hitting the pins) right click and hold the button down until the ball has completely gone off into oblivion.
What the heck difference does that make, you ask? Well, you'll sometimes notice that, even when the ball has already crashed into and through the pins, that sucker spins along the back of the lane behind the pins and actually spins right across and nails that pin off to the right that ya thought was gonna stay standing.
That's all there is to it! If ya just skimmed thru and didn't stop to try and comprehend and really look at the screen shots along with the written instructions, then you're probably off to play in traffic to escape the chaos and confusion that is learning this method. I promise, with concentration, focus, determination and practice, you will a mile! I guarantee it or...or....ya just ain't cut out for Pogo Bowling.
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Pogo moves the pins around! Yes. It's true. I've included this portion because some didn't know what I was trying to say, others didn't believe me, and still others may not even notice. Below I've included 3 examples. There may be at least one more variation, but this illustrates my point.
A. Note the more narrow gap between the head pin and pin to its left
B. Note the more narrow gap between the head pin and pin to its right
C. Note how the pins aren't quite as lined up front-to-back as they are in the previous two examples
D. (Not Shown) You'll sometimes see the pins are even more out of line front-to-back...leaving almost no black space showing between the pins. I'll add this one when I see an example of it again.
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The dreaded 7-10 split! I recently got curious as to whether or not the 7-10 split in Pogo Bowl was even possible to pick up. I ran across an answer! It is NOT 100% and doesn't work everytime. Hell, it rarely ever works, to be honest...BUT, I just picked one up today (May 28, 2009) for the first time! (Update: Picked up another one June 1, 2009) Of course, not a soul was around to witness it, but I did it. Worst case scenario, ya end up with 8 instead of 9 for that frame.
In the first screen shot below, you see that you need to line the ball up as far left as it will go. Drag the aiming line to the point shown. Be sure and wait for the line to turn yellow. Again, the line going red yields little control over the ball once it's launched.
In this next screen shot, you have released the ball and it's headed for the gutter. Here's where it gets tricky! You have to time it perfectly to left click and hold throughout the shot. This will cause the ball to hook sharply left, (hopefully) hit the far left pin and then catapult it into the far right pin.
When you do this, one of a few things will happen:
You'll see the coolest example of a ball spinning beautifully right into the gutter
You'll hook that puppy and nail that far left pin
You'll hook it and make a field goal, the hard way
You'll make a spare you thought impossible. Your jaw will drop and you'll be phoning friends around the globe!
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